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Naming Ceremonies

Baby Holding Parent

Naming ceremonies are very popular as an alternative to Christenings.  For many parents having their baby Christened was the way in which they traditionally acknowledged and welcomed the arrival of their new baby into the world, many parents, however, might not feel comfortable with the religious aspects.  This is where a Naming Ceremony offers a very special alternative.

There are no legalities involved with a Naming Ceremony, they are more just a recognition of the gift of life and love and the miracle of birth.

I regularly perform non-religious naming ceremonies where the child is welcomed into the family to celebrate the beginning of their journey through life. This offers parents an opportunity to share the wonder, joy and pride they feel with all their family and friends, the most important people in the child’s life.

Your ceremony can be interactive for guests or you can make it calm and spiritual and stick to traditional poems or readings, including music in the background.  The occasion should be unique to you and your child through the promises and readings you choose.

Many rituals are still performed, here are a few of the popular ones I have performed sand ceremonies, lighting of candles, wish books, tree planting, a time capsule and of course CAKE!

Is the naming ceremony just for babies?

No. Children of any age can have a Naming Ceremony.

Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone, at any age. The arrival of a new baby, uniting of step or adopted children within a family, or an adult name change are all great reasons to hold a naming ceremony.

Can Godparents be appointed at a naming ceremony?

You can, but do not have to have Mentors (Godparents or Sponsor) as part of a naming ceremony. Most people in our society now understand the term Godparent to mean an older adult who acts as a friend and mentor to the child and supports his or her parents in the parenting role (they will be there for your child as he or she grows up and throughout their life in whatever way is needed).

Tina Marie Celebrant In the Office
"Tina is professional and a perfectionist, she helped us in all aspects of our little girl's naming day. We could not have done it without her, so if you want someone who is lovely, happy and eager to please, we highly recommend Tina to be your celebrant for your special day too."

Tracey Louise Whittle

Let's celebrate your child

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