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  • Tina Marie

How to tie a tie for your big day

With photographs that will last a lifetime, learning how to tie a tie properly for your special day is an absolute must!

Man putting a tie on a ring bearer

As a Celebrant, I’ve had to adjust a groom’s tie right at the end of the aisle seconds before the ceremony starts. So here is my simplest, most effective way to tie a tie, while avoiding anything too long, too short, off kilter or just plain crooked. 


While the half-Windsor and Windsor are both popular tie knots, they tend to be a bit more bulky and hard to master—so my tip is to go with the classic four-in-hand knot for your day. It’s simple, classic and suits traditional and slim ties.

  1. Hang the tie around your neck, with the wide end of the tie on the right and the narrow end on the left.

  2. Adjust the tie so the narrow end hangs just above your belly button before you start. (Depending on the length of your torso, you may have to adjust this if you get to the final step and your tie isn’t ending up at the right length.)

  3. Place the wide end over the narrow end (to the left).

  4. Loop the wide end under the small end (pulling it back to the right).

  5. Loop back to the left across the front.

  6. Loop underneath and pull it up through the neck loop.

  7. Pull this down through the loop you’ve just created in front.

  8. Pull down on the wide end to tighten, slide the knot up and adjust as necessary.


  • The knot should be in the center, pushed up so there is no space between it and your collar, tight and slim.

  • The tip of your tie should end in the middle of your belt or belt buckle. A tie that hovers above the beltline is too short; one that hangs below the beltline is too long.

  • If you’re wearing a tie with a flat end (like a knitted tie), this can end just above your beltline.

  • Add a tie bar for a classic touch—it will help ensure your tie stays in place.

So when it comes to your big day, remember this simple and easy tie to have a perfect, classic and well-tied tie. And don’t worry if on the day you’re unsure, I can always quickly adjust for you before you head down the aisle.


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