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  • Tina Marie

Wedding Rings… why do we wear them on our fourth finger?

The Chinese beautifully explain this through their belief that your thumbs represent your parents, your index fingers represent your siblings, your middle fingers represent you, your fourth fingers represent your life partner, and your little fingers represent your children.

Couple placing ring on wedding finger

Here's a fun experiment to try at home, which shows why this finger represents your lift partner.

Hold your hands opposite each other, fingers open. Bend your middle fingers and hold them together back to back, then join the remaining three fingers and your thumb of both hands, tip to tip.

Try to separate only your thumbs in this position. Your thumbs (your parents) will open, because you are not destined to live with them all your life and usually you will outlive them anyway.

Join your thumbs as before and separate your index fingers (siblings). They will also open because your brothers and sisters have to live their own separate lives.

Put your index fingers back together again and separate your little fingers (your children). They too will open, because when your children are grown they are meant to move out and find their own way separate from you.

Lastly, join your little fingers again and try to separate your ring fingers, representing your spouse.

You will find that you simply cannot do this – because married couples are meant to remain together all their lives!

I love this explanation and hope you had a good time with the experiment.


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